Hahn and Sons LTD Production Automation Systems

Hahn and Sons Ltd has proudly designed and manufactured custom automation equipment since its inception. Our largest and most complex achievement to date has been an automated blank stacking line built for the automotive industry.

Our past projects have serviced a variety of industries.

  • Blank stacking line – Automotive industry
  • Blank turnover machine – Automotive industry
  • Horizontal centrifuge – Water purification industry
  • Vertical centrifuge – Water purification industry
  • Syringe transfer line – Pharmaceutical industry
  • Clean Room Automated Gantry – Pharmaceutical industry
  • Labeling conveyor – Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cement board finishing machine – Construction industry
  • Pick and Place machine – Packaging
  • Dewatering shakers – Food industry
  • Container sealers – Food industry
  • Bath systems – Medical assistance industry
  • Automated cutting system – Water purification industry
  • Fiber stretch tanks – Water purification industry
Examples of our work
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